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Artist Reception Featuring Saroyan Humphrey


Photoworks is proud to host a new series of photographs by Saroyan Humphrey.

Saroyan Humphrey is a San Francisco based photographer, designer & art director. In 2008 he opened his photography studio for clients & personal projects.

He shoots portraits, forgotten places and landscapes using a variety of medium format and 35mm film cameras.

Saroyan’s photographs have been exhibited in the U.S. and abroad. He has spoken and participated in Bay Area panels on Lomo Photography. Two of his portraits of California musicians were included in the 2011 book Unlimited Grain which was edited by the International Analogue Photographic Society.

Saroyan’s interests also include music, racing & various forms of creative expression.

Reception starts at 7pm tonight
at the shop, 2077A Market St @ Church

Free Pizza if you bring it!!!

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Root Root Root For The Film Team

“And if they don’t win it’s a shame.”  Well it seems like the film team is going to win after all.  Much like the SF Giants, the film shooters are a band of over achieving misfits coming together at just the right time.  And like our World Series Champs, the film team was born out of  disenfranchisement .  In this case a frustration with digital photography as an art form.  I’m certain that The SFAI teaches plenty on digital photography, but isn’t it ironic that many people I meet prefer to explore the boundaries of film and alternative processes.  The toy camera, holga, and lomo are the low fidelity player’s choice around here.

This Friday we will hold a reception here at Photoworks to prove the point.  Hope you can join us, and meet the members of the San Francisco Toy Camera Club, or as I call them, The Film Team.  ( certainly not misfits)

"doubles" not really about baseball

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Cell Phone Photojournalist

I was driving past the Dolores Park( unemployment office)  a few Saturdays ago, when I witnessed an interesting non-event.  An SUV making a left turn south on to Dolores hit a cyclist going through the crosswalk.  The cyclist was flying through the intersection,and the driver did a pretty good job of not killing the guy.  The driver, a well dressed woman clearly not from “the mission” was mortified and did her best to aid the cyclist who it appeared was unhurt.  It was a mere accident, most likely caused by the driver being blinded by all the pasty white skin on display in the park that day.  Suddenly, from out of the crowded park appeared Pony Tail Guy with his cell phone.  I believe he had a laminate around his neck saying,”Cell Phone Photojournalist looking to create tension.”  So the guy starts snapping photos with his phone and getting in everyone’s face.  So now we have tension as the driver starts getting uneasy when the guy starts taking photos of her license plate.  Sure enough a small crowd begins to gather, and being a hot day, a few big losers start to taunt the woman because she drives an SUV.  Yeah, that’s a crime.

Now I understand the need for civilians to help monitor each other, but this was not an Oscar Grant type of event.  And as far as I know you do not win a Pulitzer for a cell phone photo.  If you want to be a photographer, then at least carry a proper camera.  If somehing bad had happened on this day, the thought of looking at low res video and photos over and over again makes me sick.

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Remember prints?

I don’t want to sound like a winy photolab owner, but I am a winy photolab owner, and I’m sore about this subject. Why don’t we make prints like we used to? Now, I get the whole idea with digital photography is that it encourages self-reliance, but I’ll agrue that printing at home does not do good images justice. I’ve got the greatest printing technology in the world, right here on Market St, and yet there are billions of images out there stuck on hard drives. I’m worried without a physical record that these important images will be deleted not just from computers, but from memory (brain). Hey, this is why we keep shoeboxes! To me, unearthing an old photo from the closet beats finding something on a subfolder, within a subfolder. Do we only want to leave a digital record behind?? There is nothing like the tactile sensation of holding, and touching a photographic image. I don’t want my son rubbing his fingers on an image of me on a laptop 50 years from now. Besides electronic images don’t fade, and where’s the fun in that?

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