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Aloha Holga

I’m going on vacation next week to Maui.  First vacation from the Photoworks Empire in a few years.  I’ll be packin’ the Wife and Kids, and a camera bag full of film.  How many sunsets cross processed can one man take in 8 days?  Well, we’re going to find out.  Lie down on the sand and look up to the sky,  snap that palm tree gently blowing in the trade winds.

Will I find arty Islanders to accompany me on a picture taking walk?  I doubt it.  So should I leave all the crappy toy cameras at home, or do I revel the poolside crowd with my cool plastic photo taking contraptions? Man I can’t wait to get in the pool up to my waist, holga in one hand, pina colada in the other! I realize that’s a tough visual, but just think how nice and relaxed I’ll be when I get home. As they say in Hawaii,  Aloha holga means “hello and goodbye.”

you got my back while I"m gone?

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That’s Not My Film

“That’s not my film.”  For a photo lab, this is the most dreaded statement that a customer can make.

I’ve been in this business for 22 years.  I can safely say that I have overseen the developing of some 800,000 rolls of film.  Of those almost one million rolls, I’d say we’ve had maybe 50-75 or so rolls get damaged and sometimes ruined by machine malfunction.  We try and treat film processing like we are flying an airplane because the consequences of failure can be pretty grim.  Now and then we’ll have an operator error, or shall I say pilot error, where the technician makes a mistake.  This may cause some film to get switched to the wrong customer.  So Mr. Smith winds up with Miss Johnson’s pictures.  Ooops!  That can be embarrassing, especially if one of the parties is say “adventurous.”

There is another scenario in which we follow all of our lab protocols, but the customer insists that they have been given “someone else’s film.”  Now it can happen, but it is rare.  This is sticky because as they say, the customer is always right.  But, is it possible that the customer could be mistaken?  What if that roll of film is from a friend, or maybe you just forgot what you shot?  Could there be tequila involved?   Then you have people who take a look at their photos and realize that they are crap, and suddenly insist that, “these are not mine.”

I’m dealing with a situation now where someone went to a far away place and shot some special photos.  They insist that what they have back from me are not images from this far away place.  The problem is that I think that they are.  I sure can’t come out and say that.

The other day I went to my dry cleaner and to my surprize one of my hipster vintage shirts was missing.  In it’s place was a tuxedo shirt that I most certainly do not own.  When I questioned the proprietor, he responded by saying that, “the tags all match up Sir, are you sure this is not your shirt?”  Then I got to thinking, I was in Las Vegas for a wedding recently, and there was most defintely tequila involved……….

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Economic Photo Stimulus Package

Our President GWB in his infinite wisdom has decided to send the poor working citizens of this country checks in the amount of $600.00, $900.00 if you have a kid. It’s called the Economic Stimulus Package, and whether or not it’s a dumb idea can be discussed on a political blog. GWB says we should SPEND the money, but he doesn’t say how, so I have some suggestions. I would not buy a flat screen TV from Best Buy because Best Buy doesn’t need the money, and you’ll be buying something imported anyway which doesn’t help the good ‘ol USA economy much.

I know of a certain San francisco Photo Lab where you can blow some of that dough. How about a nice canvas print or a watercolor print of your favorite photos? There’s lots to buy at Photoworks: Holgas(import, but a cool country), film processing, prints, etc…

I would at least consider a new camera to take some great fresh pictures to bring to said Photo lab for developing. Am I making my point? Am I selfish to want your Stimulus checks? Hey, I don’t want it all, just some, and then I can go down to Best Buy and get a flat screen TV!

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