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Aloha Holga

I’m going on vacation next week to Maui.  First vacation from the Photoworks Empire in a few years.  I’ll be packin’ the Wife and Kids, and a camera bag full of film.  How many sunsets cross processed can one man take in 8 days?  Well, we’re going to find out.  Lie down on the sand and look up to the sky,  snap that palm tree gently blowing in the trade winds.

Will I find arty Islanders to accompany me on a picture taking walk?  I doubt it.  So should I leave all the crappy toy cameras at home, or do I revel the poolside crowd with my cool plastic photo taking contraptions? Man I can’t wait to get in the pool up to my waist, holga in one hand, pina colada in the other! I realize that’s a tough visual, but just think how nice and relaxed I’ll be when I get home. As they say in Hawaii,  Aloha holga means “hello and goodbye.”

you got my back while I"m gone?

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Remember prints?

I don’t want to sound like a winy photolab owner, but I am a winy photolab owner, and I’m sore about this subject. Why don’t we make prints like we used to? Now, I get the whole idea with digital photography is that it encourages self-reliance, but I’ll agrue that printing at home does not do good images justice. I’ve got the greatest printing technology in the world, right here on Market St, and yet there are billions of images out there stuck on hard drives. I’m worried without a physical record that these important images will be deleted not just from computers, but from memory (brain). Hey, this is why we keep shoeboxes! To me, unearthing an old photo from the closet beats finding something on a subfolder, within a subfolder. Do we only want to leave a digital record behind?? There is nothing like the tactile sensation of holding, and touching a photographic image. I don’t want my son rubbing his fingers on an image of me on a laptop 50 years from now. Besides electronic images don’t fade, and where’s the fun in that?

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