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Working Artists Apply Here

Are you a photographer/artist?  Do you have big ideas, but a small budget?  Photoworks would like to help you realize your printing dreams by offering you 20% off all fine art printing.  Fine art as in giclee/inket.  As in Canvas, or Hahnemule Photo Rag, or any of the eight or so papers we offer.  We call this program the “working artist’s discount.”  How does this discount work?  Send me an email to dave@photoworkssf.com.  Tell me about yourself and your project.  Whether you need one print or twenty prints, I’d still like to hear about it.  My criteria for the discount is that you be someone I can work with, and be someone that could benefit from the financial help.

I don’t usually use this space for store offers, but thought it was worthwhile in this case.


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Economic Photo Stimulus Package

Our President GWB in his infinite wisdom has decided to send the poor working citizens of this country checks in the amount of $600.00, $900.00 if you have a kid. It’s called the Economic Stimulus Package, and whether or not it’s a dumb idea can be discussed on a political blog. GWB says we should SPEND the money, but he doesn’t say how, so I have some suggestions. I would not buy a flat screen TV from Best Buy because Best Buy doesn’t need the money, and you’ll be buying something imported anyway which doesn’t help the good ‘ol USA economy much.

I know of a certain San francisco Photo Lab where you can blow some of that dough. How about a nice canvas print or a watercolor print of your favorite photos? There’s lots to buy at Photoworks: Holgas(import, but a cool country), film processing, prints, etc…

I would at least consider a new camera to take some great fresh pictures to bring to said Photo lab for developing. Am I making my point? Am I selfish to want your Stimulus checks? Hey, I don’t want it all, just some, and then I can go down to Best Buy and get a flat screen TV!

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