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I need a Parklet, Artwalk, a Food Truck, and a Meetup Stat!

Tomorrow night from 7-10 we are having an art opening at Photoworks.  We will be featuring work as seen in our latest Zine Photoworks 6.  Most of the photographers will be present.  There will be the usual red and white beverages served along with some simple Trader Joe’s snack fare, and maybe a homemade dish or two as well.  And That’s All Folks!  I am hoping that some of the 169 people I invited on Facebook will make it.  Currently the number stands at 33, but I am confident that the event will be a success despite the fact that we sit on an undefined stretch of Market St. that no one perceives as a destination.  If I named the area at Market and Church ( called it Murch maybe) would that make us cool?  Maybe a DJ blaring electronica would entice people to come and see these photos.  I guess there are many options on a Friday night in this town,

by Paige Campbell Linden

and we do not have a Ritual Coffee Roaster embedded in the lobby.  Actually, we don’t really even have a lobby.  How do I get one of those outdoor bike rack cafe thingies with a dumpster full of succulents?  Then when the crowd swells people can spill over to the photoworks promenade.

Lastly, how does one spread the word?  Of my 2000 Twitter followers, I think 1500 live in Alaska.  Someone tell my story in The Fecal Italic, or tumble me, foursquare my shit G.  I want to be in the Best Of The Best Of The Best.   Alas, we will proceed with humility and sans fanfare, and just say COME TO THE SHOW THE PHOTOS ARE GREAT.


2077a Market St at Church  (murch)    PS, I just found out we are going to have mood lighting…


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Artist Reception Featuring Saroyan Humphrey


Photoworks is proud to host a new series of photographs by Saroyan Humphrey.

Saroyan Humphrey is a San Francisco based photographer, designer & art director. In 2008 he opened his photography studio for clients & personal projects.

He shoots portraits, forgotten places and landscapes using a variety of medium format and 35mm film cameras.

Saroyan’s photographs have been exhibited in the U.S. and abroad. He has spoken and participated in Bay Area panels on Lomo Photography. Two of his portraits of California musicians were included in the 2011 book Unlimited Grain which was edited by the International Analogue Photographic Society.

Saroyan’s interests also include music, racing & various forms of creative expression.

Reception starts at 7pm tonight
at the shop, 2077A Market St @ Church

Free Pizza if you bring it!!!

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Rejected By Local Yokel Art Show

Who am I in the photography world?  I lack training or any formal photo related education.  I certainly did not go to art school or make a thesis statement.  I have never had a show at a gallery, or coffee shop, or dive bar.  I have no style or signature thing that I do.

I am a self taught amateur who happens to be in the photolab business.  I have every tool imaginable at my disposal, so I can tinker about with processing and printing, though ironically I can only grasp the basics of photoshop.

I tell you this because I recently entered some of my work in a local photo exhibition.  This is not San Francisco.  This is just south of the city in an unamed(you figure it out)  beach community of 40,000.  I live here.  We do not have a Whole Foods or a fancy restaurant, and I would say this is not a sophisticated town.  We do have an art center that has regular shows, and I realize that the size of a community has little to do with the artists in residence.  This was a juried show and as far as I could tell from the entry form, there was no clear theme.  For 15.00 bucks per you can enter as many pieces as you like.

So I entered thinking, what the hell it’s a small town, maybe I’ll get in.  Well I did not.  I got a letter saying so, and little else.  Now I’m pissed!  Who is this jury person to reject me, and why can’t I at least have a one sentence critique?  And, what the hell is a juried show anyway?  Jury of my peers?  It’s one person I’ve never heard of.  I’m crushed and my ego is bruised and I will berate this art show to anyone sitting next to me in the local dive bar.  The bar where starting next month you might be seeing some new work by a certain unschooled photographer who for now, shall remain nameless.


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