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Top Ten Photo Shoot Disasters

Over the years I’ve heard some sad stories of photographer’s “blowing it” on photo shoots. I’ve also had some photo meltdowns of my own. I thought it would be fun to make a top ten list. I’ll start it and add to the list as people send me their stories.

10) Arriving in Ireland for a subsidized vacation I was jetlagged and not happy about driving on the passenger side of the car. I stopped to photograph a castle, got back in the car and drove off leaving my camera bag on top the trunk of the car. I realized my mistake an hour later, drove back but my gear was gone. 2 Nikons, and full compliment of lenses gone. I had been bragging for weeks about this gig as an international photographer, and within an hour of landing at the airport I lost all my gear.

9) Was hired to photograph a party on a whale watching trip. Stupidly I brought my medium format camera which meant I had to look down into the camera to shoot. Well, I looked down, and when I looked up again, I was ill from the ocean. So sick that I had to jump off the boat and swim back. I know longer do any open- ocean photography.

8) Shooting a friends wedding in Berkeley, I became enamored with one of the female guests. So much so, that during the ceremony I was off in the bushes with my pants down, instead of documenting the most important parts of the wedding I was hired to shoot. Luckily for me, the couple split up 3 months later, so a wedding album was not needed. The female guest did not return my subsequent phone calls.

Ok, those are 3 from me, I await the rest from you…………………………………