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photos I actually like

Friday the 8th day of june there will be a fine photo show at photoworks. I say this proudly, as these are images that I like. We’ve had shows in the past, some good, some not so good, some pretty dull. Sometimes you commit to an artist/photographer without really knowing much about them. Sometimes you get burned when you do this, but in this case it’s been a blessing. The featured photographer tomorrow is Jacob (jake) Appelbaum a self-described “world traveler, photographer, and unix computer user.” Being in my forties, I don’t know what EMO is, but just because Jake wears black, and has some sort of cosmic hair color, does not put him in this category. This was my misconception which Jake politely corrected. One thing I like about Jake is that he appears to have left a trail of broken hearts all over Europe. Never got to live that life myself.

Oh yeah, about the photos on display. They are done with color infrared film. What is color infrared? It’s actually a positve, not a negative. Don’t try and get that, it’s an esoteric process that’s dorky unless you work here. The point is that despite all the layers of chemicals, the images are wonderfully composed, and show a gorgeous color palette. I will be serving the usually red beverage. Jake Appelbaum Photo Show Friday June 8th 6:30-8ish at Photoworks Market at Church St.  ( the show runs through July, so come on down anytime and have a look)