Mobile Phoney

Much to the dismay of instant gratification seekers (myself included), Instagram went offline last night around 7pm or so. I heard it had something to do with horrible weather back East. That makes sense since the server is in the clouds..ha ha As a result of this calamity, you were all deprived off a rare glimpse of yet another nice sunset from my balcony overlooking the ocean. You are currently missing an aerial view of my pristine cup of morning joe in a vintage Eames coffee cup. Later on you may miss my $6.00 one ounce food truck taco. And God Forbid, if this outage continues, you will not bear witness to me grinning, wearing a panda hat at the Giants v Reds baseball game.

I recently met someone who is a member of AMPt. Don’t know why the “t” is a small letter, but these are some “advanced” mobile phone shooters using lots of cool apps to make some pretty interesting images. I almost bought a piece in an art show from this person. I think this is fine as long as we all understand that the lines of photography have been blurred. You still need some skill to take a good mobile image. Framing, composition and the way we see the world still count, but that is really where the praise should end. Filters and digital masks or whatever they are called is really cheating. I use them all the time, and I feel kind of silly doing it. Slippery slope indeed as there are some impressive artificially created beauties that I “like” on a regular basis.

Is it sad that Facebook bought Instagram, or is it a message to mobile photographers to use a real camera? I used my Rolleiflex the other day, and it was one of the worst rolls of film I ever shot. I threw out the negatives and proudly posted my mobile shots instead. A wake up call for me for sure, especially when I see 12 year old kids posting HDR pouty lip pictures. We’re all in the same soup now, and it’s hard to control the taste.

If I’m being honest I have to say that I do really enjoy Instagram. It’s up to me to carry my Nikon in the same way I carry my phone regardless of convenience or lighting. I’ll never get used to mobile images of cats,or the obligatory “here’s my toes in the waters of some island beach.” Maybe the outage was a good thing as it reminded me that I am way too attached to my camera phone. Gotta go, we’re back online and my lunch is waiting….


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One thought on “Mobile Phoney

  1. mels63galaxie says:

    I am with you 100% on this!

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