The Holga Walkers

Scene 1:  Camera pans down to see a group of blood thirsty zombies taking pictures of anything they can find.  Graffiti, spider webs,  telephone wires, and pigeons are no match for this crazed bunch.   Close up shot reveals not actual zombies, but mere mortal toy camera enthusiasts.  It’s not the Walking Dead, it’s the Photoworks Holga Workshop and Walkabout.  These are not scary monsters, just scary talented photographers trying to push the envelope from every angle.  When the locals in a small town see us lurking toward their small houses and rusty trucks, they tend to run and hide.  The site of the plastic holga camera can instill fear in some, but in the right hands it’s not a blood sucker at all, it’s a new means of expression, and it cannot be stopped.

Happy Halloween, and if you should be out and about and see one of the holga walkers, don’t be scared.  You are safe as long as you don’t look in to the flash.

                                                                                                                           lock and load

  • spooky holga persoT



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