Weed Scan

Today is the long awaited grand opening of The Apothecarium in San Francisco.  Right next door to Photoworks.  Loosely defined, the word means pharmacist, and safe to say they don’t sell scripts of Tylenol.   We are happy to have our new neighbors since a thriving business of any kind beats an empty storefront.  Funny,  several of my staff are suddenly coming down with various injuries requiring emergency medical appointments?  I’m trying to think of some cross (pollination) promotions I can do with the new shop next door.  We offer several levels of film scanning here at photoworks, and in honor of the dispensary, for one day only we will offer the “weed scan.”  Bring in any roll of film (after) you visit the shop next door and we will scan it for free.   We assume no responsibility for the results.

"weed scan"

You can visit our new neighbors at 2095 Market St, they are nice people offering a great service to the community, not sure if their site is up, but I’d say this is one store where you want to sample the goods before buying.


One thought on “Weed Scan

  1. Betty Blaze Tech says:

    Photoworks SF = brilliant photos and brilliant creative promotions.

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