Hell, I Could Have Shot That Photo

Last night was the annual Toy Camera Show at the Rayko Photo Center Gallery.  I have mixed feelings about Rayko, mostly jealousy about how they have such a cool space.  The show is very popular and in the two hours allotted for viewing,  most all of San Francisco’s Holga hip made the scene.  I got to see many Photoworks SF customers, and I’m happy to say that we printed more than a few of the pieces on display.  I’m thrilled that these folks get to show their work in a reputable gallery.

I enjoyed most of what I saw, though the jury selections I thought to be just so so.  My favorites were a collection of smaller 5″ x 5″ prints that had an almost distressed look to them and while contemporary , the work evoked that look of small square snaps from the past.  That’s just me, what do I know.  There is something about a Toy Camera Show that makes people mutter, “what’s so great about that?”  And to be fair, there is sometimes a bit of luck involved, and if the art here is random then there are those that will piss on it.  I heard lots of muttering last night.   I say if you can do better then go for it.  Rayko was actually selling Holga and Diana cameras last night, almost challenging the patrons to get out there and give it a go.

I recently had decided to put my toy cameras to rest and focus on something else, what I might consider more legitimate photography, but some of the work last night has made me reconsider.  I’m out and about today trying to make some of my own toy camera magic, and if I get lucky…maybe I’ll have something good enough for people to be jealous of at next year’s show.

next year's entry?

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One thought on “Hell, I Could Have Shot That Photo

  1. Toy cameras are amazing and it’s the shots that I don’t really consider at first that grow on me.

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