Ain’t No Sunshine

I’ve lived in the SF/Bay Area for 30 years, most of my adult life.  I love it, but I will never get used to the dreary summers.  I’m glad I don’t live in the heat and humidity of the East Coast, that would suck, but man the fog is bringing me down.  I feel like a need a vitamin D shot or a tanning booth.  I have no circulation, the plants are not growing, and there ain’t no lovin’. My dog is refusing to be walked.  Anyone else in a foul mood?  I shot a roll of black and white film over the weekend.  I used a yellow filter to help with the grey day, but my photos still look bleak.  I also shot a roll of color and my photos came out black and white.  This summer is especially foggy, even more so down on the coast where I live.  I feel like Khan from Star Trek having been banished to a dead planet.

Yes, fog can be nice, keeps everybody cool, there is less crime, but drinking tea huddled next to the heater in August is not normal.  I saw where this is the coldest summer since 1972.  I check the forecast and it’s “fog and low clouds, fog and low clouds.”   It’s concerning because I’m putting on a picture taking class this month.  The supply list goes something like, bring camera, tripod, and film.  I guess I’ll need to add, blankets, parka, and a thermos of hot cocoa.

Bundle up, it’s summertime.

socked in


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8 thoughts on “Ain’t No Sunshine

  1. Ash says:

    Quit yer bitchin’! It could be so much worse!

  2. peapod says:

    These are the words I would put into a blog if I actually had a blog. Yes, it aint normal. It aint normal anywhere in SF Bay Area this year. It’s depressing me too. Maybe I should be upping my zoloft?
    As far as shooting color goes, I’m photoshopping the hell out of my outdoor stuff this season. What nature isn’t giving us, PS is.

  3. This has been a particularly tough summer. Hopefully, a few weeks from now, this will all be a distant memory.

    Gorgeous shot.

  4. Therese says:

    That is a really cool photo. You know, on Monday I hit the freeway for San Jose and only went one exit before I was under blue skies and sunshine. Not that I’m recommending San Bruno but we don’t have to drive real far.

  5. Sydney says:

    The dreary summer has seriously been wearing down my very soul.

    How far down the coast are you?

  6. Skip says:

    I love the complaints. Very witty!

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