Ever go to Kinkos?  Fun huh.  It’s fine for photo copies, but if you need anything other than using their bathroom, well things can get pretty tough. Actually, the bathroom was “out of order” last week in the Daly City branch.  They are nice enough people, but to me the problem is that they are now a shipping company (fed x) trying to be a print shop.  I tried to get a quote on some brochures a while back, and I’m still waiting for an answer.  Sure, I could go an online company for my printing needs, but I prefer to speak with someone.

The big thing in my business now is the digital press.  This is a mini version of what the Blurbs and’s of the world use to make their cool cards, books, and postcards.  It’s a marriage of photo and print, and it’s what everyone wants now.  You can create these products at kinko’s or the aformentioned online retailers, or you can come to me.  Guess which I prefer?  I’d suggest coming to me because WE ARE A PHOTO LAB, and we are still working with photo based imagery.

I do not usually use this blog space to bore you with self serving promotion, but I need to get this new baby off the ground.  I want everyone to know that photoworks SF is now in the printing business.  PHOTO BOOKS, PHOTO ZINES, BUSINESS CARDS, GREETING CARDS, you name it…..and I’ll try and make it for you.  I’ll use the same expertise that I always have in making your photos, and….you can use the bathroom.


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