Damn Smart High School Kids

Just when I thought that anyone under the age of 20 was utterly hopeless, I encountered the AP photography class of Sacred Heart High School.  Not everyone in this age group is a texting, short term memory mall rat.  (my apologies to youth everywhere for the generalization)  These kids have managed to circumvent the disposable imagery of what surrounds them on daily basis, and create some heartfelt, lasting works of art.  They can certainly describe the pieces better than I can!  Here is the show as described by their instructor:

The show Intersection showcases photographic work by Advanced and AP photography students from Sacred Heart Preparatory High School in Atherton, California. The work presented in this show is a small fragment of the rich and varied work that each student created over the course of the year. Specifically, each student in my AP/Advanced course selected and pursued a photographic project based on a topic or theme of his or her own choosing. Students worked digitally and with film, using a variety of formats and methods to create their images. Their chosen themes were as varied as the work in Intersection, and included the exploration of fairytales, of unseen emotions, of the innocence, of masquerade, of perceptions of beauty, and finally of unseen views of urban spaces, patterns and signs. I am delighted to present the class’s first off-campus exhibition at and hope that you will relish their photographs as much as I do.

Vanessa Woods

Photography Instructor

Scared Heart Preparatory High School

May, 2010

Please join us Friday May 21 7-9 for a reception here at Photoworks.



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