Who Wouldn’t Love A Blossom Tree?

The ubiquitous cherry blossom, or white blossom for that matter.  Are these the most photographed things on earth?  Certainly this time of year they are.  It’s not yet spring, still pissing rain on some days, yet the blossoms have arrived in yards and on streets everywhere.  “Stop the car Honey, I see a blossom tree.”  Hmmm, I wish I had my macro lens!  No worries I can do bokeh blossoms, or wide angle blossoms, holga blossoms.  I can lie down on my back and shoot so I have nothing but blossoms and blue sky.  No doubt these trees make us happy.  I looked up http://www.blossoms.com and it looks like a mail order bride service.   So blossom trees are symbolic of many things, so there are many reasons to love them.

So, how could anyone, even a cranky guy like me not like a blossom tree?  You know I have a story…..My first San Francisco apartment back in 1983 was near the corner of Ellis and Divisadero streets.  Not the most picturesque part of the Western Addition.  The rent was $750.00 a month which back then was a lot, given the “hood.”  The landlord was a mean old man named Mr James.  He was as mean as they come, and before I realized this, I was stuck in a year long lease.  This apartment had a nice yard, and in the yard were several spectacular cherry blossom trees.  Mr James used to show up any time he pleased and sit amongst his beloved blossoms.  He had a cool old Leica camera and he would photograph them endlessly.  He’d be drunk half the time, and if I asked him to leave he’d take a swing at me.  He would not fix my leaking faucet, but he loved the damn trees.

Whenever I see people going gaga shooting cherry blossoms, I can’t help flashing back to my mean old landlord.  Ironically, these trees  made him happy, but made me miserable.  Of course I’ve had 25 years to get over it!!  Maybe I need to spend more time on blossoms.com…


white blossoms w/brownie camera


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