Thanks to Digital, Film is Back

Here’s one I hear all the time now.  “hi, I’m new to film……”

How can anyone be “new” to film.  It’s been around forever??   It’s pretty simple actually, as you have all these people weened on digital cameras.  They don’t know anything else as they live in the non analogue universe.  They were conceived at Burning Man, and use words like “newbie.”   Suddenly they see something that looks cool in a photo like grain or continuous tones, or even real black and white.  Hey it’s a whole new world of fun and photography.  For this we must thank digital for making images and the pursuit of them so damn easy.

I think if I were to teach a class I might start off with digital photography.  Seems ass backwards, but why not get some instant gratification, and then teach F Stops.  I used to think that digital was ruining my business, but now I believe it’s helping because everyone is out there shooting, and kids (anyone under 30 in my book) are discovering film as a result, and so many of these new shooters are very skilled as well.  Why, because they had the luxury of learning in the digital format.

Maybe this year we’ll see some holgas out on the Playa at Burning Man?

(sorry, do you say “out on the playa?”



4 thoughts on “Thanks to Digital, Film is Back

  1. Daniel Saravia says:

    You totally wrote this post about me, didn’t you! Hey question… I’ve been taking indoor photos with my Canon FTb (with 100 speed film) and they are coming up as “underexposed.” Should I be using a higher film speed for indoor shots or is it probably a camera issue? My outdoor photos are perfect…


    Thanks photo works, and all you DUMB photographers out there that just wanted something new, think before you leap !!!

  3. Jennie says:

    definitely very true.. I’ll have to say I’m one of those “kids.” got into photography many years ago when I got my first little point and shoot, got better at it, got a dslr, then just got bored w/the digital stuff. film at the time just had this different feeling to it, and with much of my inspirations coming from flickr photographers, it just happened and now I barely touch my nikon d50, nor get envious when a new 15 bajillion megapixel camera comes out. instead, I get envious when I discover a friend’s classic camera I’ve never seen before and have film envy. 🙂

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