Come And See All The Purty Pictures

The newest Friends Of Photoworks SF photo event is a portrait show.  In the past we’ve taken submissions and pretty much used everything, creating a huge wall of images.  I like this approach because everyone gets to exhibit and it makes for a pretty good party.

This time we had so many submissions that we decided to focus on quality over quantity.  This is hard because I don’t like to judge people’s work, and it’s sort of against the spirit of what we do.  Anyway, I GOT OVER IT, and now I feel we have twelve fabulous images that I think represent many facets of portrait photography.  We have your studio shot, the toy camera shot, the posed, and the random.  If you come by, you will also see samples of all the fine art papers that the images are printed on.  What you will not see is a photo by me, I did not make the grade this time, so I’ve been excused.


FRIDAY NOV 20TH 6:30-9:00


One thought on “Come And See All The Purty Pictures

  1. QFDaniel says:

    Actually,good post. thx

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