The Fall Light

Aside from today’s rain, this moment in time on the calendar, October 15-30 is some of the finest picture taking light you will see all year long.  Two weeks of warm fall light, so pleasing that it feels like you could look right in to the sun.  All day long feels like the morning.  It’s no wonder so many movies are shot at this time of day.  It’s not just the warmth, but the softness that makes for such pleasing images.  This is the time for natural light portraits as the harsh summer glare is gone.

On the 31st it all goes to shit as it suddenly gets dark at 5:00.  The light is still nice, but you’ve got to hurry as the days are short.  I’m a fan of autumn light and winter light too, but I’m most inspired by the fall light, so get out there while you can.


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3 thoughts on “The Fall Light

  1. goblinbox says:

    Wow. I’ve been uncharacteristically negative about this summer’s slide into autumn, but now I feel like I should quit bitchin’ and go shoot some film.

  2. Stuart says:

    I spent some time in Anchorage this summer. During the end of June, the sun sets around midnight…the time period from about 7pm to midnight is the most wonderful light I have ever experienced, and you get so much of it!

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