Too Many Holgas?

I was in 7-Eleven last night and next to the giant hot dogs I could have sworn I saw a Holga Camera display.  Just kidding, but man has anyone noticed how may Holgas there are now?  What used to be this little photo sub culture is becoming mainstream.  Hey, I guess that’s okay (the more analog the better), but I’d like to think that I started the whole thing.  Does my Mom want a Holga??  Have you seen the 10 million holga websites, contests, and shows.  There’s one up right now here at PhotoworksSF.

I’m glad because I sell 120 film, but at the same time I’m annoyed by the pretentious holga people.  Just a few that think that a light leak and soft focus means you’re an artist.  I just want people to stay true to the random nature of the plastic camera and avoid taking this thing too serious.  Granted some of you are legit artists and do beautiful holga work, but please don’t ram it down my throat with incessant blogging and facebook groups.  What I’m saying is “get that holga out of my face.”

BTW, I own 5 holgas!



3 thoughts on “Too Many Holgas?

  1. Preet says:

    Thanks to popular stores like Urban Outfitters that sell holgas and dianas.

  2. david says:

    my one year old daughter owns a holga. with a flash too

  3. MC says:

    I recently posted a similar rant about toy camera artists who think themselves artistes.

    I definitely feel you. That said, I love my Holga. It’s so much easier to carry around than the SLR.

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