Will Work For Photos

“Will work for photos”  Sometimes people drop of film or files to be printed and wind up not being able to afford to claim their work when it is ready.  This is an age old photo lab problem, as it is hard to ask people to pre pay to develop or print photos.  A “poor” customer came in today asking if he could trade work for his films that have been sitting here for 6 months.  “Do you need any work done here.”  Like what, yard work??  Years ago I could have had him wash the windows, but now I have just enough here for the people on the payroll.   I guess when you are broke, hobby stuff like photography gets shut down, what a bummer.  I really need this economy to wake up soon.  I don’t think the barter system will pay my rent, though after work today I  might see if I can “work for beer” at the bar around the corner.



4 thoughts on “Will Work For Photos

  1. C.B. Adams says:

    I know what you mean. My college-bound son wants a new laptop. If I pay for the whole thing, I won’t have any $$$ for my photography habit. Had to tell him the bad news. I gotta feed the film habit…

  2. Steve Cerruti says:

    OK, so you can’t charge up front, but maybe you could use a mechanics lien to take possession of the photos (or rights to the images) and in certain cases profit from them?

  3. missmobtown says:

    On the other hand, photography has started to play a larger role in my every day life and I think I’d prefer to shut down my netflix account rather than give up the film habit!

  4. Steve says:

    Yeah, it better pick up so I can start shooting tons of film again! ack!

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