Photos In My Wallet?

I was out last night having a few, when a friend of mine said to me, “Dave, do you have any pictures of your kids?”  I said sure, and reached for my cell phone where I was able to scroll through and show off my family photos.  The problem is that  you don’t really pass around your cell phone for other people to hold, do you?  I have to hold the phone so you can see the pictures.  So I got to thinking…..why don’t we carry photos of our loved one’s in our wallets?  Remember the cool photo holders that would fold out of wallets, you could remove the whole pack and pass it around.  You could really have a nice long look, not to mention the tactile sensation of holding the image.  If you were a single guy with a girlfriend, you could show off that photo of your sweetheart in her bikini.  You wouldn’t do that with your phone, at least I wouldn’t.

The term “wallet” became a part of photo processing culture.  You used to order “wallets” from a photo store. (Of course you still can, and people do)  This is just another product that has been electronically replaced.

So I’ve decided to delete the phone photos and print up some wallet size photos, buy a new wallet with the plastic album thingy, and start carrying around pictures of The Wife & Kids in my pocket.  I think I’ll be the hit of the party next time when I whip out the wallet instead of the cell phone.

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5 thoughts on “Photos In My Wallet?

  1. aswirly says:

    lol…that is soo true. The cell phone just isn’t the same as a real tactile pic. I think I’d better stock up my wallet with pics now

  2. jenniferL says:

    you have a good point! i think my dad still has pictures in his wallet. but probably because he doesn’t know how to show off the images on his phone.

  3. Kelly says:

    I was thinking about a similar issue the other night at dinner with my extended family. I was using my phone to show them photos, but reluctant to pass it around, as I had been periodically SMSing a friend about what torture the family dinner was. Additionally, a reply SMS would have raised a notification that would take them to the entire complaining thread.

    I admit though, that the solutions I considered were software based. I suppose hardcopies are simpler. What a notion.

  4. risenhoover says:

    I am old school I guess, at least old anyway….I don’t put photos on my phone (I really don’t like even carrying it around or talking on it) and I have pics of my grandkids in my wallet, they are kind of getting worn around the edges though.

  5. David Howe says:

    Hell, I never even THOUGHT about putting photos in my phone to show off! That’s how undigital I guess I am!

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