Photo Safari

Hooked up with the nice people at last week for a photo safari to the neon boneyard in las Vegas. Photojojo puts these events on now and then, space is limited so I was lucky to get in. Thanks Amit, for a great time.

The idea of this trip, shooting funky old discarded Vegas signs is a photographer’s dream. Pretty hard to blow it. Most of the shooters were packin’ some serious gear, I brought film: Rollei, Nikon FM 2, Holga, and Holga Pinhole. Time and light were limited, and in the face of big wind gusts, changing film was a pain, but I figure why take the same exact shot the same way as 100 other people? So I fumbled around trying to hand hold a pinhole camera in the wind, while the other people shot probably a 1000 frames a minute. Good fun all around, and I look forward to the next safari, maybe in a graveyard by candlelight. Might have to at least bring a flash to that one…


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4 thoughts on “Photo Safari

  1. missmobtown says:

    Nice! Heading over to your flickr stream to seem more from this shoot.

  2. thatbeegirl says:

    I took a tour of the neon boneyard in March — it was even better than I imagined!

  3. Great work! I had to pleasure of touring the boneyard last month, on the last tour of the year. They are closing it and remodeling the old La Concha to be the new visitor center, which should be open come Spring/Summer. my shots:

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