Crotchety Camera Store Guy

The other day I needed a filter  for a funky old film camera I just bought on Ebay.  There are only a handful of camera stores left in this town.  There is a newer, big fancy place catering to digital pro’s.  The service is pretty bad, and the pixelheads in this place are barely willing to look up from their computer screens.  So, I’m going to visit the two old school shops.  The first one has been around forever, and back in the day they were the place for everything photographic.  Going there now was like visiting a wax museum.  Dusty shelves, dim light, and old timers behind the counters.  Hey, maybe these guys will be interested in my camera.  Perhaps we could chat about the old methods, etc. …….Well the first guy I aprroach has a styropfoam coffe cup hanging out of his mouth as I show him my camera and ask for the filter.  “We don’t carry these anymore, everything is digital now.”  He tells me this even though I’m staring at a case full of film cameras and lenses.  “Look, I’ve got to go to lunch, try the rental dept.”  He walks off muttering.  I can’t imagine why this grand old SF camera shop is on the decline. Why does this poor guy still have a job with his crap attitude?

So I leave and try another donwtown shop where I had purchaed several Nikon film cameras in the past.  I forgot that these guys work on commision and have no interest in me at all.  They are trying to get tourists to by marked up point and shoot digital cameras.  That’s fine, but I don’t need a 70 year old guy rattling off megapixel specs.   I know it’s the times we live in, but it’s sad nonetheless.   So I’ll get what I need online, or when I’m in LA I’ll visit Freestyle Photo, where they are still honoring the past without being out in the pasture.

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6 thoughts on “Crotchety Camera Store Guy

  1. yaiAnn says:

    Oh dear.. I have an old Nikon film camera my dad gave me and have been meaning to bring it in to get cleaned and fixed at the “grand old SF camera shop” (which if I think you’re referring to the one I’m thinking about.. used to be located in the Richmond). Where would you recommend I take it, if not there?

  2. i usually queue up my filter needs and then go find Tim (big teddy-bear guy with grey hair and glasses) at the camera swap meets. he’s the guy. i like guys like him, who seem to be always around and always seems to have what you need, or offers a way to make things happen.

  3. Robert Harrison says:

    Anyone know if there are camera swap meets still happening in or near San Francisco? The listings I found on line are ceased numbers.

  4. Robert Harrison says:

    does anyone know if there are camera/photo gear swap meets still being held in or near San Francisco? All the listings I’ve found on line are old, and the telephone numbers ceased.


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