Developing Character

Let me start by giving credit to Cynthia Wood for this photo. and coming soon

I’ve been looking for inspiration for the first post of 2009.  I was going to talk about new year’s resolutions, and make a joke about dpi and the word “resolution,” but I realize that it’s not very funny.  At the of the day, no matter how hard I may try, I’m still a film guy at heart.  This is a dangerous thing to wear on your sleeve if you own a photo lab in 2009.  We’ll call it not against the grain, but with the grain, if you will.  Photoworks will always be a full service lab which means everything digital, but what we do best is print film.  It may or may not be bad business, but we’ll go on trying to keep this art form alive and well.

Going forward, I’ll be calling digital photography “electronic capture” because that is what it is to me, a moment frozen in time, except that the time is undefined.  Whereas a film image, or positive derived from a negative is more than a moment, it’s process and evolution, imperfect yet flawless……   So now that I’ve filled my pretentiousness quota for the whole year, let me just say Happy New Year.  I hope you all take a ton of photos this year, I hope you make prints because a computer is not a photo album.  And I hope we can debate the merits of both types of photography.  I’m around and ready to share my thoughts.



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One thought on “Developing Character

  1. Jim says:

    I’m familiar with Cynthia’s work — she has an amazing observational eye and her photos often have a strong “literary” quality to them.

    Keep on going “with the grain!” 🙂 There are a lot of passionate film users, and I think a lot of people who have gotten hooked via digital are starting to explore the creative advantages that film can provide. Here’s hoping it translates into a great 2009 for you.

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