How ’bout a Box of Chocolates

Tis the season ain’t it! What a shit year this has been for retail. People are so broke they’ve stopped giving gifts to their local photolab. And the local photo lab has stopped giving gifts to their favorite customers. Up until recently, Photoworks would give nice bottles of champagne to the regular pro photographers as a thank you for all of their business during the year. The photographers would give the lab workers wine, candy, tins of peanut brittle, cupcakes, cases of Anchor Xmas beer, and record store gift certificates. In years past, by today Dec 13th we here at the lab would be buzzing form sugar. This year there is not a morsel or a crumb. It’s as if The Grinch himself came through and cleaned us out. What a sad sign of the times.

True we’re not as busy as the old days, but we still work hard, and it would be nice to get a little candy or something. There are still 2 weeks left. Time for me to get you a bottle, and time for you to get me something in return.



UPDATE!!! 12/20 We have cupckaes, we have cookies, we have cakes, we have beer!  Thanks everyone, happy holidays.

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