No Stampede Here

It’s Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), and someone just got trampled to death at a Wallmart. I’m sure these people were not bum rushing the photo counter! I can tell you that there is no stampede here at Photoworks, though I wore a padded vest today just in case. We know that there are photos out there, lots of turkey pictures and all the trimmings, but these photos are all on computers where they are content to live in folders. They are shared electronically. It’s the way of the photo world now, so guys like me need to come up with new ideas for photo related products. We print on canvas and on other pretty papers, and we make books, but it’s just not enough. I need something to entice shoppers, to lure them into my shop. I could start printing on coffee mugs and tshirts, I could make calendars and photo buttons. Yuck. That crap is for Ritz Camera. This is a high class photo joint for the finest photographers and artists. What can offer these more discriminating types? Hang on, here come two customers. Oh My God the phone is ringing too, it’s a mad rush, someone CALL SECURITY.


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One thought on “No Stampede Here

  1. Sean Pete says:

    Maybe start catering to non-photographic artists & illustrators. I get photo prints made of my work; sure would be great to have a lab of your caliber to work with regularly. Not just canvas & standard photo prints, but maybe a print on completely flat non-gloss print similar to a giclee.

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