Shooting a Baby

So I got this big deal event coming up.  We’re having a baby, and among other things, one of my jobs is to capture the moment of truth.  My wife says, “don’t blow it dude, bring the digital camera.”  How boring, I mean how many times will be in a labor and delivery room again?  I’m thinking this is a chance for some black and white documentary style action.  So I’ll be packing my bessa rangefinder, my lomo smena, and maybe a holga. Some neopan 1600, portra 800, and a some expired slide film to cross process.  I’m sure the midwife will appreciate my attempt to be artsy while my wife is screaming her lungs out pushing out the baby.   Not sure what to say to everyone who wants a photo sent right away.  Maybe that’s what camera phones are for.  So we’re 2 days past due date and the bags are packed, the laundry is done, and the cameras are loaded.

So wish me luck, it’s a big deal for us and I’d like to do it justice with some nice images.  Hopefully I won’t panic and leave all the cameras at home.  After all, my job is easy, she’s the one with the hard work to do.

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