The Beauty Of Not Knowing

I like my film cameras for many reasons, but most of all I like being surprised by my results (good or bad).  If we could put aside for a moment the economics of shooting digital and remember some of the great things about film; like picking up a roll of prints, opening the package and laughing at someone’s facial expression.  Or being proud of yourself for getting a “great shot” something you didn’t think would work, but does work even better than you imagined.  I also like the passage of time that happens from the time you shoot frame one until the time you finish the roll and get it developed.   All this is now gone with digital.   There’s no anticipation, no surprise, it’s all a calculated risk at best.  Photography needs mystique, otherwise it’s just You Tube.

I see a lot of photos on sites like flickr.  And most of the digital stuff is contrived and staged, whereas the film people seem to be more out there on a limb.  I just hope Kodak keeps making film so I don’t have to jump off.

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One thought on “The Beauty Of Not Knowing

  1. Tommy Bass says:

    Good one there! There’s nothing like shooting film.

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