Rejected on Flickr

We might think that flickr is just a photo sharing site, and aside from some casual networking to promote Photoworks, I mainly use the site for artistic reasons.  I guess if I was young and single I might use flickr to try and meet chicks, which apparently is fairly common.

I’ve been working on my “contacts” list lately, trying to meet more people, make some photo friends, and generally broaden my photo horizons.  A few weeks back I stumbled upon some really cool film images by an LA based photographer.  I soon became a bit of a fan of this person’s work, they use some techniques that I’m trying to master, so I did what is customary, I made them a “contact.”  I have maybe 150 or so contacts, friends and strangers who’s photos I enjoy.  Now usually if I make someone a contact, the custom is to return the favor, or make me one of their contacts as well (reciprocate if you will).   So, some time goes by and I realize that this new contact never replied back so I checked out their profile and saw that she is a woman living in the LA area.  We will call her “photolisa” to protect her flickr identity.  It seems Lisa has been posting photos and comments regularly so it’s not like she is out town.  No big deal.

Ok, so now a month has gone by and photolisa has not made me a contact.  Why the hell not?  Am I not worthy?  She has 200 other contacts so why can’t I be one?  I’m hurt, I’m pissed off, shit I feel rejected.  Lisa, what have I done?  So now I”m desperate and I guess crossed the line.  I sent photolisa a flickr email saying I admire her work and it would be cool if she could look at my work and maybe we could exchange ideas.   So, I finally get a reply saying, “for privacy and safety reasons I do not share my ideas with unfamilair men.”  OUCH!  Do I feel like a loser now.  I’m married with a kid, and another coming, I think I have better things to do then hit on women on a photo sharing website. Look at my profile, it says MALE AND TAKEN.  Now i guess if you are a woman or man for that matter you never know what kind of low life’s are out there.  But, i said “exchange ideas” not fluids!

So I guess I need to get over it, move on, lesson learned.  There are boundaries here and people are entitled to their own space……………………I hate you photolisa, I hate your pretentious photos, and you’re not one of my contacts anymore.  So there.

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2 thoughts on “Rejected on Flickr

  1. OV says:

    Awesome, good for you for eliminating her from your contact list. The worst kind of people are the ones who think they are above everyone else. “photolisa” will not got far in life with such a horrible attitude. I would actually be interested in seeing her images on flickr. Mediocre at best I am sure.

  2. Tommy Bass says:

    There’s quite alot of people on flickr who think they’re above everyone else. I’ve experienced similiar events like you have with “photolisa”.

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