Economic Photo Stimulus Package

Our President GWB in his infinite wisdom has decided to send the poor working citizens of this country checks in the amount of $600.00, $900.00 if you have a kid. It’s called the Economic Stimulus Package, and whether or not it’s a dumb idea can be discussed on a political blog. GWB says we should SPEND the money, but he doesn’t say how, so I have some suggestions. I would not buy a flat screen TV from Best Buy because Best Buy doesn’t need the money, and you’ll be buying something imported anyway which doesn’t help the good ‘ol USA economy much.

I know of a certain San francisco Photo Lab where you can blow some of that dough. How about a nice canvas print or a watercolor print of your favorite photos? There’s lots to buy at Photoworks: Holgas(import, but a cool country), film processing, prints, etc…

I would at least consider a new camera to take some great fresh pictures to bring to said Photo lab for developing. Am I making my point? Am I selfish to want your Stimulus checks? Hey, I don’t want it all, just some, and then I can go down to Best Buy and get a flat screen TV!

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One thought on “Economic Photo Stimulus Package

  1. Jen says:

    Well, I didn’t get a check, since I just moved here. However, I do plan on making your store one of my firsts visits in the city, and I do plan on spending some of those money I initially set aside for “studies” on goodies, whether it be a new camera, or printing of films.

    I’m so excited I found you!

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