positive feedback

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Sender Feedback:
Hello Photoworks,

A quick thank you. I had brought in a photograph that had a great deal of personal signfigance to my family. No negative. The copy you made was awesome. Nay…fucking awesome. Also getting the free disk was great because now the pic. is the desk top on my computer (which is also hella tight/fucking awesome).
Very reasonable price and all and all most pleasant photographic experience.

“It’s always nice to hear positive feedback, especially when stated in such eloquent fashion. Whoever you are, I f**** love you hella tight.”



2 thoughts on “positive feedback

  1. swank-daddy says:

    haha. that, for lack of better words…is hella tight.

  2. sara says:

    hella hella hella! they are clearly bay area. i work with a bunch of interns from here and i swear hella comes out of their mouth every other word. it cracks me. “that is hella hot.”

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