Date with My Camera

It’s another rockin’ Saturday night here in Pacifica. The wifey is passed out, and I’ve decided to go out with my camera. Kind of our first date, as I’ve given myself an assignment to shoot the pacifica pier at night. I dress warm as it’s summer here, and head out for the pier. I start to feel those nerves creep up on me. What if I don’t see anything worthwhile out there, I can’t bare any boring photos, but I need inspiration. Hey there’s a bar, The Driftin. Maybe I’ll stop in for some courage. I sit down, and a weatherbeaten old ship captain looks at me and my Nikon D80, and says,”now what do you call that thing.?” A few “shots” later everyone’s behind the bar taking turns snapping shots of the ceiling. No one asked me name, they just called me the photographer guy. I paid my tab, and headed for the pier with new found confidence.

10pm finds pacifica pier deserted, pretty dark, still and quiet except for the waves crashing on the seawalls. It’s cold, wet, and a little spooky, but I start pointing the camera and finding a few sights you don’t see by day. I’m soon lost in the orange glow of the dim pier lights. Suddenly the creative juices are flowing, and I’m capturing all sorts of great imagery.

The next morning I’m worried that what I’ve shot is like a bad song written after too many drinks the night before. Will there be a second date…………….?

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